A new example of traditionnal craftsman skill, associated with the most recent electronic and PC hardware and software
Pipe Organ Manufacture: Thibaud & Son
Hardware and PC sotware design : P. Leray
Pipe Organ History & design


6 Stops:  334 Pipes
Real stops Computed Stops (actionnable from all keyboards or pédal)
Montre-Prestant 8' Montre 16' Montre 8' Prestant 4'
Bourdon 8' Bourdon 4' Bourdon 16' Bourdon 8' Bourdon 4'
Flute with Chimney Flute 16' Flûte 8' Flûte 4'
Nazard 2'1/3 Nazard Tierce
Dulzian 8' Dulzian 16' Dulzian 8' Dulzian 4'
Subbass 16' Subbass 16' Subbass 8' Subbass 4'
Plein Jeux 3 ranks


All the Kimber-Allen pallet magnet are controlled by a dedicated PC software, via a dedicated input and power output interface. This allows an important volume  reduction associated with new possibilities, impossible to implement on classic tracker Organs. All controls are centralized on a screen with a touch screen system.

However, if they don't want to use all the software possibilities, Organists can use classic stop buttons, put on console fronts.
All sounds are produced by PIPES, absolutely no electronic sound is implemented.

The tribune former state:       The Pipe Organ has been placed between the two tribune parts                        Clayes detail